NAME: DEB HALL AND SONCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2002Email:
we have this equipment on us. me and my son and pets. for 5 years now
19/2/08me and my son and 4 pets have government surveillance equipment on us , please help
NAME: JIMMY HALLERCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: entire span of growing upEmail:
Hello, My given name (adopted) is James Emmet Haller.
I was born June 5th, 1966, though my Birth Certificate (Orange, New Jersey USA) says September 1966. I am adopted through Catholic Charities. All my life I have been told both by the Catholic Church and numerous Adoption Lawyers that it will practically be “impossible” to open my Sealed Records (actual birthplace, Parents, etc.) That remains sealed to this day. Birthplace is declared to be Saint Mary’s Hospital, Orange New Jersey USA although this building and hospital have long closed.
I was placed in a German-Irish family with strong military ties. Sexual, physical and cruel mental abuses took place my entire span of growing up. Names of Perpetrators there are numerous within extended family but father is William Joseph Haller, mother Miriam Violet Haller (single name of Monaghan) one totally corrupt lawyer in Monaghan family Robert Monaghan (deceased) Aviation Law (read Terrorism),
At 23 my “father” tells me on a birthday night that I and my adopted sister, Kathryn Haller (now Kathryn Foresta husband Michael Foresta recently deceased) have a sister from an early marriage and she is in the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency, USA Army) Name Robin Rutherford. Realize I am 23 and only now hearing this. My adopted sister was 19 at the time. Adopted sister Kathryn had seen photos left around the house and had prefigured that this was the case that there was a former family on the “father’s” side.
I stayed on with this family until my late thirties, gathering evidence. I paid for it: July 19 1993 in a condominium home the “family” installs, in a home, a motion detector security inhouse device that seals all “windows and doors” and has to be turned off before one can wander the house at night say to go to the bathroom. Prisonlike. This device is turned on at July 20 midnight. Immediately I have symptoms of heart attack, no one else does. Cannot sleep at all for days. Beg them to turn off device it is doing something to me. They fight it, saying it cannot do anything. Later my research tells me slight microwave bombardment from this device probably would not cause such bodily deterioration. This stood as a clever cover for first time enactment of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) able to be focused remotely through the satellite system, etc. I am then 27 years old.
After moving on my own many years I am finally to go back (why?) one more time. 2001 on around Valentine’s Day begin hearing voices as if the neighbors upstairs are talking really loud. Apparent it becomes to me eventually this is V2S or Voice to Skull technology being implemented on me to drive me crazy. This happens 6 months after 911 and I am hearing driving voices saying things like “This is the law of Terrorism” “That’s right” for hours on end. To this day I have V2S harassment, social stalking which will take up a book length (that includes subversion of reputation at work,etc, Perpetrators getting close to me and then wrongdoing, acting crazy sometimes, etc) all can be duly documented. Often there is pain inflicted by this Electronic Prison system being built by extremists, a fifth column if you will, who have deeply infiltrated the Patriotic circles of Armed Forces, Intelligence Agencies, Churches and Social Structures et al..
There are many around the world now, finally sending our Case Summaries with the mind to halt this genocidal extremist movement. Already as we speak Congress is opening an investigation.
I stand with the thousands upon thousands of innocent victims called Targeted Individuals (TI’s) who send their painful tortuous histories together to you now…
Sincerely, JH (soon to change my legal name to banish from my own history a Nazi name of Haller)
NAME: JENNIFER HANNACitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: Email:
14/10/08I just want to say , I personally know this kind of torture exists, but I have yet to prove it, so I am giving up the fight, because it worsens, as it goes.  If government is responsible, they get so many organizations to join in, so it is impossible to find them guilty, of course we know they are responsible, because it is allowed.  I feel ;your plight and wish you all the best, I am on certain petitions, and I have stood up for your fight in the past, but the more I fight the more they do, and I love my children to much, to give them any more credibility, and exuses for the torture.  I am sure some day they will pay for the torture they have put my children through, in order to make me look like an imcompetent, mother worker etc. but until that day comes, I have to sit back and take it, because I am tired of being viewed as the bad one.  They make sure they win, and have not contientous, when it comes to hurting people, psychologically, or under cover physically, as in the electronic torture.  It is so painful to watch my children, under this mental torture, and I can take it no more.  You just would have to be a victim to know the pain it causes, and I cannot win this fight.  Good luck to you, and all the victims, may the lord help and guide you.
Jennifer Hanna
NAME: JONATHAN C. HANSENCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2002Email:
I would like to draw you attention to some unconscionable non-consensual experimentation on humans by the US government using all manner of cutting- edge, high technologies. The most heinous of these involves the use of very small robotic devices (e.g. nanotechnology) and engineered biologics, essentially bioterrorism devices that are being developed by the US government (see below).
I have been under surveillance using all manner of high-technology devices, including through-wall radar, Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs), Micro Airborne Vehicles (MAVs), bionic birds, and all manner of miniature robotic devices. The UAVs come in many forms, some like model helicopters, others lighter-than air, disguised as giant floating heads or floating tree branches. The robotic devices in my house also come in various disguises, such as spiders, walking spider webs, or faeces. Many of these self-destruct or disassemble when discovered. On one occasion a UAV landed on my roof and I saw two of these miniature robots adorned with LEDS crawling into my house.
People have broken into my house repeatedly, once while I was inside. They have placed various substances in my coffee and soft drinks, and performed all manner of hoaxes and tricks, especially holographic image projections in an attempt to freak me out and have me make outlandish reports to the police, and have me diagnosed as mentally ill.
I have experienced various types of “gang stalking” where the perpetrators, organized with cell phones, are always in visual contact with me at all times of the day and night. This is done conspicuously when I am alone, and subtly when others are with me, thus making it appear to them as if I am imagining it. Another persistent technique they have used is to cough, spit, or bring their hand to their face in my presence, in an effort to sensitize me to these behaviours and have me diagnosed as mentally ill. Stating to a mental health worker that people you don’t know are making gestures to you is a diagnostic criterion for paranoid schizophrenia.
My first-class mail has disappeared on multiple occasions from the US Post Office, including my tax forms and a request for an administrative hearing.
I have been targeted with directed electromagnetic energy on at least two occasions when it could be definitively identified. Once in front of Ralphs grocery store, and once in my driveway where I measured the power at over 100% of the FCC allowed limit for RF exposure on a Narda 8718 radiation hazard meter.
I have on multiple occasions been targeted with low frequency, less than 10 Hertz, subsonic sound, which causes a feeling of illness and nausea. This is another of many non-lethal weapons that have been developed and are being used surreptitiously and illegally on unknowing targets by the US government.
I have experienced all manner of malicious mischief and sabotage. Much of this has been done using very small robotic devices – perhaps not nanobots, let’s say microbots or millibots. Highly-integrated electronic equipment is particularly susceptible to sabotage by these devices. My security video recorder has been disabled on multiple occasions by these devices. Being so small, they can enter practically any location, and can also be used to alter electrical signals instead of just disabling devices. Their size also effectively prevents their being located as they can hide in the smallest nook or cranny. Thus, they are also perfect for virtually undetectable surveillance. It’s amazing what can be done with microscopic robots.
The worst assaults have been using robots to deliver very bioterrorism devices into my body. Like bacteria and viruses, these are small enough to go in right through the skin; I believe these are primarily if not exclusively biologically based. In non-consensual experiments, they have caused many types of apparent diseases; but the most appalling are the so called ”mind-control” devices placed into my body. When activated, they cause the sensation of electric shocks, muscle contractions, visual and auditory hallucinations, and anxiety attacks with an increase in heart rate, among other effects. These are used in an attempt to control my behavior by shocking me, much like one would attempt to force a mouse through a maze by delivering electric shocks. On many occasions, they perpetrators have shocked me for no apparent reason, evidently just to show who is boss and that they can get away with it.
I hypothesize that many victims’ experiences with what they consider to be directed energy weapons may in fact be a result of the use of these biological implants. The range of specific effects reported by targeted individuals would be difficult to explain using generic irradiation with electromagnetic energy. On the other hand, by placing devices inside the victims body that connect to various nerves or other tissues and that can be activated by much lower intensity electromagnetic signals, one could effect all manner of specific phantom sensations, hallucinations, or muscle contractions, depending on the particular nerves that the activated device was connected to. It is clear that these technologies are under intense investigation because of their potential beneficial medical applications. However, before the technology has been developed to the point of beneficial applications, it will be possible to use it to simply go in and cause damage to various tissues; essentially biologically-based torture devices in the body that can be remotely controlled.
As these sensations and effects cannot be directly observed by others, it is a perfect method for attempting to frame someone as mentally ill and have them diagnosed as such. Once such a diagnosis has been made, any claims of intentional maliciousness or assault are easily dismissed as confabulations or hallucinations, and no further investigation or thought is given them. In fact, just making such claims is enough to cause most people to jump to the conclusion that one is not playing with a full deck, so to speak, and stop listening.
I believe these technologies have been developed in secret by the military, and are being used on unwitting subjects without their consent. Although the perpetrators use the American flag as a symbol, this is entirely a propaganda technique, as these activities are the antithesis of what the country and constitution stand for. This is simply a continuation of a long history of non-consensual experimentation on citizens by various government agencies, such as project MKULTRA, and just one of a large number of secret projects being performed by the military. They are clearly in violation of US implied consent laws, to say nothing of the international Nuremberg Code.
I have written many letters to many authorities and received absolutely no response. This is probably because many mentally ill people make very similar claims; the perpetrators know this and exploit it to avoid investigation. Also, I think it is difficult for most people to believe that the US government would so blatantly violate people’s civil rights, even though there is a long history of doing so. It is also clear on the basis of their participation in “gang-stalking” activities, that some law-enforcement people and neighbors are cooperating if not overtly colluding in these perpetrations, making it impossible to enlist their assistance. The perpetrators are experts in manipulating people’s beliefs and vilifying individuals. And in light of the Milgram experiments, it is not difficult to believe that they can convince most people to assist in these heinous endeavors, regardless of the implications for the human and civil rights of not only the targets but of their own families.
I am certain that an investigation into these matters would reveal startling results, as they have consistently in the past (e.g. project MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, etc). Thanks for your time and attention.
Jonathan C. Hansen, PhDMAIL: 741 W. Upas St., San Diego, CA 92103, USATEL: (619) 295-1156
NAME: MOLLY R. HARDIN & DEE HARDINCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began:  all of their lives/early 1990sEmail: ,
I am a software developer of 31 years. I have been stalked, electro-shocked, and micro-waved on a 24/7 basis for the last year. I fled my town of birth after renting a room from a (I am hands down positive at this point) serial killer who requested that I send three photographs of myself in prior to even being considered to come to a “Soiree” to meet my “house mates” for consideration to rent a room.
The details of my last year are so incredibly disgusting, and unbelievable that I have started writing a “fiction of fact” autobiography entitled: “Calling all Hero’s — Delusion or not?”– The autobiography of an almost murder victim.
I sent the attached file to Seattle Vice upon arriving in Phoenix Arizona where I fled (and was followed) .The details therein are valid. What should be of alarm is that this happened and is happening. Technology that was released 30 some years ago and used by Vietnam soldiers — many of whom lost their minds at war leaves one questioning. How many sexual predators have this information? How many Jane Doe’s weren’t Jane Doe’s? The government is responsible for that which has been dealt to it’s people by it’s own hand. To call a rape victim paranoid and delusional should require deeper investigation.
Any scientists who are for good causes, please contact me.  As a technologist and scientist by binary human right to survive, I believe I have invaluable information. Too much to detail in email w/ out knowing who I am talking to.  My experience has been truly unique – in that I am alive and should not be.  Have drawn many scientific conclusions which have helped me to survive.  I believe this information to be invaluable in the right hands.
Attached is the file I sent to Seattle Vice and the FBI after fleeing Seattle. Contains a very small amount of information as to harassment that was taking place.  Attempts on my life were not made until I moved to Arizona. I am writing a “Fictional” novel as — my story to be told under a different context would leave others questioning my sanity – and that which cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt must be labeled as such ;)Book entitled: “Calling all Hero’s – Delusion or Not?”   — the autobiography of an almost murder victim – That which we do-not understand, we should not prescribe. By Molly R. Hardin
24/10/08What I don’t understand, is how my name and my mothers name got removed from “The Americas” list of victims.  Which link is it to that specific petition of names of targeted individuals?  Somehow my mother’s and my name is no longer listed.  I would like to re add us to the list.
25/10/08With the information that I have discovered so far, like finding others like me, along with all the emerging Quantum sciences I have been researching along with their all encompassing biotechnologys of cybernetic’s, I eventually came to a conclusion of the possiblity of how long we have been targets. by some of the ways my brain was recognizing patterns emerging around us as well as throughout my life, and with extra help from the gang stalkers to push me into the word of conspiracys of outside the box theories to consider and take into account.
Well, with all that I know now, and what my family experienced of health discomforts, sensory pathways dysfunctions, including my own over my childhood and adult yrs, I would have to say my family has been targeted my entire life. I would have to say I have been a guinea pig my whole entire life.  From what I know of my mothers growing up in Chicago, I would have to say that her Jewish neighborhood was being targeted way back when she was in her late teens.
My body started to experience some differences, pretty much very quickly, basically back in 2001, when I moved back into my childhood home, so I could keep my mother out of a nursing home.  Many of them I had experienced on and off throughout my childhood and adult hood, but were increasing in the early 90’s and from 2001  they started piling one on top of other.
Once I found others, I started trying to put the pieces of the jig saw puzzle together.  I believe I have been a target my whole life, but the targeting became more specific starting in the early 90’s for my father, my mother, my sister and well as me. My father passed 10 yrs ago, my sister passed 3 1/2 yrs ago.Thank you for the link.
1/11/08But I sent my summary to John back in 2007.  Like I said I was on his list, then I was not anymore.  I wonder what happened? Again, thanks.DEE
27/11/08Here’s another article done by Sarah Kershaw on Nov 13 and Derrick Robinson from FFCHS I guess didn’t know about her previous article because (I assume) he did a phone interview and was quoted and part of her NY Times article.
Reality tv is supposely feeding our delusions.  Yeah right..
Sharing Their Demons on the Web SARAH KERSHAW – Published: November 12, 2008
With hopeMolly R. Hardin
NAME: NAOMI HARRISCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2003Email:
NAOMI HARRIS: I have fled my home in Buffalo, New York, due to four death plots against me, Electronic Harassment and Causation of Severe Illness, and Police Complicity and Illegal Inaction and Cover-up. All my homeowner rights are forfeit. I do not know if I can ever return home to live or even to re-gain my many treasured possessions. If not – then I will lose EVERYTHING – including the beautiful garden I have invested much money and 5 years of work in. (I can provide many names, addresses, and dates from journal.)
I am living in the hope that both legal and financial resources can be generated – before it is too late – to save me and to prevent me from losing everything.
The crimes against me in the City of Buffalo, New York include: several years (since 2002) of constant illegal surveillance of myself and my home, 4 years of noise harassment by certain individuals, frequent trespassing by several individuals, frequent vandalism, and frequent petty theft. Interference with all of my human relationships and potential meeting of new relationships. Interference in all my dealings with handymen and painters to try to prevent the improvement and general maintenance of my property at 170 Potomac. At least 3 attempted or successful Home Invasions (doors found unlocked but nothing noticeable taken… for information gathering or surveillance equipment installation purposes?) and one Felony Burglary: mail theft (2 letters from the Welfare Dept asking for crucial documentation), pet theft (breeding-stock birds for sale to pet shops), computer and scanner theft (being set up to do eBay sales) therefore: Income-Lynching producing TOTAL LOSS OF INCOME for 2 months, Identity Theft. Stalking in many of its forms, years of Noise Harassment, incidents of screaming suddenly and loudly behind or next to me to startle me in public. Electronic Harassment – causing pain and physical illness: Fibromyalgia, kidney disease and pains, tinnitus, prickles to fronts of my arms, high and very high blood pressure, stress, fear for my life, health, safety and property. Verbal abuse, verbal threats, years of public character defamation and total lies told to other neighbors about me, false police reports, false mental health diagnosis as “delusional” and “psychotic”, connected to unlawful (against Mental Health law 9.5) forced incarceration of me in a mental ward of a major hospital TWO times, violation of my basic civil rights, both inside, outside, and on the way to the hospital in the ambulance. Damaging information as to how to victimize me in this way came from the female 911 operator and female supervisor of 911 on duty on August 26th, 2007, during which day I witnessed and clearly heard FOUR DEATH PLOTS by my gang-neighbors against me. Gang activity in my neighborhood includes 3 recent murders in 2007 and at least one arson… somehow “unsolved” by police. The same police that DENY any crime has been committed against me.
This gang activity expanded to include stalking of myself 3 times in the main downtown branch of the Buffalo Public Library, by a stranger – a pedophile reported by “a few” other women, as viewing kiddie porn on the internet on library computers. He got into a confrontation with the Computer Desk clerk young lady. Followed by a police cover-up of this incident, as was also the situation in an earlier stalking case of mine against (of the neighbor gang) thrown out of court due to “improper police paperwork” (by the court intake clerk – a POLICE employee), which was then changed on record as to cause of throw-out of legal case. Cover-up includes District Attorney’s Office and Chief Special Investigator. I live in the fear that – If I return home – I will be framed for a crime the gang has committed and be jailed in a corrupt legal system. There are many cases of this already in the Buffalo area. They already have my DNA, due to time I spent in the (mental) hospital.
I also seek investigation and justice for the sudden and “mysterious” death of my friend, Paul Kempf, Sr., on March 13th, 2005, which is totally consistent with murder via electronically induced stroke or heart attack (concurrent with causation of horrific pain to one’s nervous system), at the same time period gang member neighbors had a supposed “grievance” against me. The body was quickly cremated. Mr. Kempf was a kind, decent, helpful person, and a decorated War Hero, with no other enemies.
Previously, in 1998 (In Portland, Oregon) gang stalking crimes against me (from a different gang) were: False arrest, police brutality (putting handcuffs on extra-tight on bones of wrists), jailing me over weekend with no hearing. Restraining order put on me while incarcerated, due to lies told to judge. Attempt by same individual (ex-live-in-boyfriend, by then believed by me to be a pedophile, as well as a schizophrenic) to sell all my possessions to an estate dealer. Second arrest over weekend with no hearing, due to “violation of restraining order” when I went home to get some clothes and to protect my belongings (knowing that he would not be there). Theft of 30% of my belongings by same individual. Gave away 2 cars I owned to “car thieves”. (Police department believed to be involved in “chop-shop” business). Two court cases ensued, causing me financial and emotional losses and stress. Electronic harassment of myself: sleep deprivation and severe leg pains, fibromyalgia, headaches, tinnitus, high blood pressure. Blacklisting resulting in inability to find a job. Income loss. Loss of all friendship of the neighbors around my home due to lies told about me.
SincerelyNaomi Harris
NAME: RONALD HAUCKECitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1991Email: c/o
To Whom It May Concern:   Date: August 10, 2007
I have been a victim of directed energy weapons, remote harassment, and organized stalking since 1991. The phenomenon is real. It includes psychological harassment to induce psychosis, isolation, depression, and suicide; physical and emotional manipulation; and devastation of financial and social resources.
My story is not yet in sufficient state to be published, but I do participate as an activist against these crimes, I do have relevant testimony to specific instances of harassment, and I have meticulously documented each occurrence of these assaults. To hear my story would be terrifying and bewildering to an audience unaware of the specifics of these crimes so I will reserve it until I can clearly, coherently, and efficiently speak about them.
Nobody is above the law, yet some group or agency out there believes them to be. This is not right!
My Constitutional rights have been trodden upon: my 4th Amendment right has been abused, my 5th Amendment rights disregarded; and if this terrorism is meant to be some sort of “criminal punishment” for perceived wrongdoings, then my 6th and 7th Amendment rights have been completely eradicated. And due to the constant suffering under this campaign which includes hundreds, perhaps thousands of victims nationwide, our 8th Amendment right has been outright dismissed.
This is indeed, cruel and unusual punishment.
I am also being denied my Constitutional right to pursue happiness. This torture (from a remote, undetectable source) is constant 24 hours a day, including while asleep—thus preventing me from finding emotional and psychological equilibrium, which takes its toll on my health, well-being and ability to be a productive member of society. Medical, psychiatric, or social services are generally unhelpful or serve to alleviate only a few of the many symptoms that are arise from these assaults; remember, the attacks are ongoing.
The use of directed energy weapons, remote harassment, and organized stalking are quite plainly unlawful, criminal acts. I am treated as a political prisoner or worse, as a common lab rat, not even human. And that this is happening on American soil, to innocent American civilians—some victims former members of the military—is unconscionable. Legislation must be enacted to increase awareness of this hidden menace and to outlaw use of these weapons. Only through making the use of these weapons illegal will we be on our first step to alleviating this highly organized form of domestic terrorism.
I refuse to surrender my freedom and I demand justice!
For listening to my story and for your support and help in legislation and enforcement, I greatly thank you.Ronald Haucke
NAME: LEE HAWTHORNECitizenship: Year Torture/Abuse Began: Email: c/o ,
27/11/08The crimes against humanity committed against me have been to numerous to count.
It is criminally inhumane to able to torture, abuse, cage, deprive, and commit any imaginable felony against a vulnerable, innocent human being who has committed no wrong. It is criminal and corrupt that the government has not ensured that meaningful restitution and/or compensation be provided to the human beings whose rights have been violated.
I have not had my day in court to ask for punishment for the criminal behavior and economic theft of the United States government and scientific community towards both myself and countless others like myself. For the last 42 years, the exceptionally self serving and abusive United States government, military, and scientific community has committed countless felonies against me, so many I lost count. Some of the crimes, misdemeanors, and felonies, committed against me include, but are not limited to the following:
(I have been)Subjected to lethal carcinogenic radiation and subsequent destruction of my neural cranial tissue)Subjected to invasion and deprivation of privacy in the most absolute of terms by the government v2k technologiesCaged with an electronic fence in mind which restricts and retards my thoughts and the mobility of limbs,–and subject to forced speech and motor movementDisfigured on numerous places on my face and bodyDeprived of reproductive rights to have children and a familyHeld hostage in involuntary lifelong detainmentSexually assaulted,Forced to sacrifice my body, mind, and time in bogus educational programsForced to live and work in toxic environments,Subjected to extreme isolation and deprivations,Subjected to economic control,Scorned, Shunned, Humiliated, Ridiculed, and Isolated by members of the community because of my right less state
In short, this unearned institutional legitimization of scientific entitlement for the sake of idle curiosity toward utilization of the nonconsensual, non-financially compensated volunteer has insured that for the last 42 years of life, my consciousness awareness of life has been made knowable primary through pain, suffering, and abuse, and will continue to be so because my privacy will continue to be invaded by your agency unless I am released as the law would require after an investigation of such an egregious and outrageous and criminal assault and abuse of power and authority by this administration. .
To redress this inhumane criminal assault and exploitation, I demand my day in court so the criminal contempt and depravity toward human life may be exposed to the public it pretends to serve.
Lawsuits And Crimes Against HumanityI am new to the forum. I have been having a difficult time finding a lawyer to represent me.
The McActivism group uses Jon Wilson in Colorado, but he does not answer my email.
Does anyone know a pro bono or contingency lawfirm which specializes in gross government misconduct and crimes against humanity?
If so, please inform.
Although I have tried to keep my privacy for several years, the government refuses to allow me privacy and violates and uses any pretext to harass and disadvantage me.
The sad reality of my life is that my life has been nothing other than a legalized criminal assault. I will reveal my silent Holocaust to all so that the truth may be made known. Society and our government must be made accountable to all of us victims who for years they criminally assaulted without remorse or contrition.
NAME: KATHLEEN T. HECKMANCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1994Email:
I have been sending a letter out since 1994 regarding secret technology that has been used on me since that time. I believe it might be the technology that Mr. Russell Tice testified in the February 14, 2006 Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats & International Relations hearing being referred to as ‘special access’ operations of the NSA (I also believe that this technology is being used in other departments of government). It is thought reading technology.
Consider the following
“Today the NSA is the largest intelligence agency on earth…It has the ability to virtually get into someone’s mind. It can read a person’s most private thoughts…” (Though Bamford goes on to qualify his remark) and
I am an American Citizen who has been subjected to criminal abuse at the hands of the F.B.I. since 1994. Their crimes include thought reading, physical torture, verbal abuse broadcast at me and a take-over of my dreams at my expense. Because I became aware of my abuse by their verbal broadcasting of my thoughts to me, their scripted taped responses, the comments of the Agents on shift in response to my thoughts — or to augment their abuse, and dream manipulations, I have followed their agenda pretty much since it’s conception. Mostly through T.V. and a little through newspapers. Until recently, information on the method of their verbal broadcasting (which can be heard by the victim, but not by others in the same vicinity) has been kept secret. The August 5th, 2002 edition of Newsweek has an article “Hearing is Believing” (written by Jamie Reno and N’gai Croal) that explains the manipulation of sound waves to isolate a target to hear what others around them cannot. Please note that this technology was developed over a decade ago at MIT. The system that the government is using to broadcast at me is definitely not limited to a 100 yard broadcast field. In a like manner, the outrageousness of claiming that thought reading technology exists and is in use currently by the government will be exposed in the future. Time Magazine reported in it’s October 12, 2002 article by Jeffrey Kluger “There are experimental — and controversial — sensors that analyze a suspect’s brain waves and determine what he knows and what he doesn’t.” Further in the article under the paragraph heading “Tapping into a Suspects Brain Waves: Can your brain waves reveal whether you’re telling the truth? … Developed by Larry Farwell, 53, a Ph.D. in biological psychology, brain fingerprinting … looks for electrical responses, common to all of us, that the brain emits when we see a familiar image.”
These two technologies are currently introduced are weaker versions of the technologies that allow the broadcasting virtually word for word of my thoughts to me that the government has and is using. My guess is that the government is introducing these technologies in court cases so that legal precedents can be established to be used to support the introduction of thought reading in criminal investigations and trials. The technologies are probably not exactly like the powerful ones used on me, so that even if these current ventures into the legal system fail, the government can ignore the courts and try a different approach to the problems of legalizing thought reading. As it is, they are ignoring the Kyllo ruling in Oregon , when the judge ruled that new, even yet undisclosed more invasive technologies must at least be treated by the strict guidelines placed on less invasive technologies in regards to warrants, and the like. (This ruling was restrictive to the use of thermal imaging randomly of people’s homes.) The government has taken advantage of the fact that this technology is not known to the public or the press, so people like me claiming to be victims have been considered lunatics by those we contact for press coverage, legal help or law enforcement against this crime. If you take the time to read the Newsweek article I mentioned above and to follow the case being prepared to submit to the Iowa Supreme Court on brave wave reading, you will see that the political manipulations I describe below and my targeting by the F.B.I. is believable based on the current administration’s now announced interest in these technologies.
I have written letters about this crime since 1995 on a consistent basis. I self imposed a moratorium on my letters when George W. Bush was elected, a year and a half ago. The only time since then that I have written was July 26, 2001; when Bush made a big show of having Attorney General John Ashcroft take charge of the private investigation into the actions of the F.B.I. This was in response to our Senate making mumblings about investigating the F.B.I. themselves. The reason that the government gave was because of the attack on American on Sept. 11th. The real reason is that this secret thought reading technology is known by many members of the government has been for years. The F.B.I., under the Clinton Administration, used ‘domestic’ terrorism as a reason of excuse for their abuse of power. The reason some people like me where chosen to be pure victims, unused in any crime prosecution, was in case the thought reading technology’s use by the F.B.I. or Justice Department was exposed. They didn’t want to bring into contention any convictions that were won by Feds during it’s use. They wanted a fail safe, “Yes, we committed an unreasonable crime” defence to hold off any great review of Federal Court Cases (a political sacrificial lamb). President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno wanted this secret technology (thought reading) to be made acceptable legally in the United States , but knew that they first had to set up a propaganda machine to try to over-ride the expected negative reaction from the public. Because they ultimately wanted to use it in law enforcement, they gave this technology for use in the United States to the F.B.I. Because they expected a backlash from the citizens, they kept this technology mostly secret. They started to manipulate the public about certain groups within the United States so that they could control the public in the future. Clinton courted Black Americans. This was because Black Americans are already a solidified group who have a legitimate voice in America . Any dissent from them could be major trouble for the Federal Government because they are already organized through their civil rights pursuits. Clinton and his regime wanted to make sure that the Blacks trusted Clinton as one of the only American Presidents who has taken the time to recognize Blacks and their spokespeople. They would be easier to control. The Clinton Administration and Reno also wanted to neutralize any small group that could attract a bigger middle class following if the middle class decided to organize against the use of thought reading technology by law enforcement in America . That is when militia groups and splinter religious cults were satanized. Ruby Ridge and the Branch Dravidians were deliberately targeted by the Justice Department and their downfall was deliberately made into a media event, rather than by handling the situation in any less dramatic way. The government wanted Mom and Pop middle class to see the destruction wrought by fighting authority. Plus, they added to the repulsiveness or picked the Branch Dravidians to highlight admits allegations of child sexual abuse. Something that was sure to turn off the American public, and accentuate that anyone that goes against the status quo will die a violent death and is associated with predatorial sexual perversion. The movie “Terms of Engagement” suggests that verbal broadcasting of an abusive nature was used by the government during it’s siege of the compound. This is similar to the verbal abuse that I have endured since 1994 (previousto the Branch Dravidians confrontation). Keep in mind that there was active thought reading being done by at least the same organization (F.B.I.) that controlled the raid. Couldn’t thought read technology have informed the Federal Agents involved of where the children where, when it might be the best time to attack without threatening the lives of the young? Or even, what negotiation technique might have kept the violence from happening? But at that time, Janet Reno wanted a showcase. Not only the media and civilian propaganda of what happens to individuals who would join any organized group against the government, but also of the complete power and control of the F.B.I. And that, no matter how broadcast the event was, people were puppets who would not speak up.
Plus, Oklahoma Federal Building bombing: there was a fairly large spread rumor via the Internet, that Timothy McVeigh stated that he had had a chip implanted so that the government could know what he was up to. Was anyone speaking out about being thought read to be put under the suspicion of being possibly violent? It could have been used after the fact as a dividing factor. Plus, the Oklahoma Federal Building was bombed long after I became victimized by thought reading ability. It was on 60 minutes that a woman informant told F.B.I. officers prior to the event that something big was happening at the extremist group that Timothy McVeigh was visiting. And nothing was done. While repeatedly going before the Senate to justify their non-disclosure of their technology and their use of it based on their testified knowledge of threats to America by domestic terrorists, the F.B.I. was furthering proof of these threats by politicizing their investigations to encourage the appearance that domestic terrorism was a real threat. Even to the point that a brother agency, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms issued a daring public statement that the F.B.I. deliberately delayed the findings from the in flight explosion of a TWA jetliner on the East Coast to advance the belief that domestic terrorism was a real threat; even though the F.B.I. had themselves concluded that the accident was caused by a gas explosion in the cargo bay. At the same time, Janet Reno and the Clinton Administration had spread to privileged circles that this technology existed and was in use. Though the general American population still isn’t aware of this technology, some in powerful positions who were in the know were disagreeing with the secret use of this technology, it’s unconstitutionality, and the fear of personal reprisal politically if the secret use of this technology was exposed. Plus, there was a gut fear reaction to the extreme measures that Clinton and Reno were purposing be used to force Americans to live with their thoughts being read. Just as splinter groups (such as militias) where expected to get more members, there was expected to be a movement toward the underground for some Americans who wished to protest. A gray area, where last names where not known in order to protect third party information from being privy to the listening ears of the government. Janet Reno went on national television to propose DNA sampling at the time of arrest. This was to be stored in a huge, national DNA databank so that any individual that the government wanted to know the identify of could be ascertained upon detention. Most adults realize that it is not difficult to be charged with a minor offence, one that is customarily dismissed before trial. It is hardly ever challenged when the DA drops charges due to lack of evidence. But, if DNA samples where taken and stored upon search (i.e. arrest, regardless of innocence), they could be matched up anytime in the future to identify anyone the government had become interested in via thought reading and wanted to identify. At the same time, it was being proposed by Reno and the Justice Department that professional military troops be used to guard our borders. Senator John McCain took the time and trouble to officially respond in writing to Ms. Reno to state his opposition to her proposal. It was posted on his official web site. He stated a fear of the confusion in roles is the military was used to target civilians. Reno was proposing this military law action as a dry run to show that, if necessary, martial law was workable against the American civilian population in order to force U.S. citizens to accept her radical proposal that thought reading was constitutional. When the Generals comprising the Joint Chiefs of Staff of our armed forces addressed the Senate (I saw it on C-Span) and pointedly stated that they could not win a war on two fronts they were not talking about the U.S. fighting two different countries, but fighting any other foreign entity and fighting the governments proposed civil war against it’s population. It was an extraordinarily public gesture by men more accustomed to remaining distant from the politics of the day, but necessary to these elder warriors when faced with the private agenda of the last administration. Opposition was growing and a lot of the communication done by Janet Reno was done publicly, via T.V. and written statements. Obviously, the number of people who knew about this technology had grown and the opposing sides were not in private communication with each other. The Clinton Administration and Attorney General Janet Reno thought that the best way to ensure that their plan would work was to make the technology so commonly in use that it would be impossible to point a finger at a select group of law enforcement for using thought reading technology. When the F.B.I. had supplied personal files on leading Republican Senators to the Clinton White House, it was telling opposing politicians, hey, not only are legally obtained intelligence information on you available to your political enemies, but imagine how damning having every deed you’ve ever committed that only you know about, made public. With thought reading technology, and the techniques that have been practiced on me, of leading a person to personal recollections of their past, it is impossible to keep anything private from the listeners. (Unless it is something that you’ve forgotten yourself).
Reno wanted to make this technology familiar to local and State police. In the name of helping with federal investigations into State Hate Crime prosecutions, Reno told the State Attorney Generals that at their request, F.B.I. investigators were available to help with these crimes. Many agreed and felt flattered that an elite group of agents from the F.B.I. would assist them. In this way, the number of individuals who knew about thought reading technology grew. President George W Bush continued the illegal, secret use of this technology. The general population still doesn’t know how close we are to a government coup by our own law enforcement. There is a great threat imposed by these individuals who can intimidate the normal entities that safe guard our constitution by checks and balances in power between the Courts, the legislature and the executive branch of the government by secret information they can gather on individuals in these agencies. Bush’s first tactic was to stall. He delayed the announcement of his Attorney General for months, and longer for the Director of the F.B.I. (Mueller). While Congress was insisting on Committee hearings regarding the F.B.I., John Ashcroft assured the Senate that the Justice Department would handle it’s own review. Ashcroft named six entities that would conduct this review. The only outside of the Justice Department entity named was the firm of Author Anderson, since infamously associated with the Enron scandal. Remember the delay in Timothy McVeigh’s execution (one of the first acts by Ashcroft in office)? The painstaking report gathering of thousands of government files on McVeigh was to guarantee that even if thought reading technology during the McVeigh crime and trial became public, there would not be much room for questioning that any information was gathered and used to help convict McVeigh that was not disclosed during his trial to his attorney. Thought reading technology, as used to date, is an illegal and unwarrantable search that could overturn a conviction. After the September 11 attacks, the huge internal controversy between President Bush and Colin Powell regarding the status of the detained Al-Queda members at our base in Cuba regarded whether these individuals would be treated as Prisoners of War. The Geneva Convention inherently outlaws thought reading technology. If these people were given Prisoner of War status they could not be legally thought read for information because of international treaties. Hence, they are not given Prisoner of War status.
At home, after the attacks on the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, no one would justify the use of illegal secret technology to protect Americans from terrorist attack. It had happened anyway.
Despite all of Bush’s speeches after the Sept. 11th attacks and his stating that the Iraq war is based on bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq, I have continued to be thought read, dream manipulated, tortured and verbally abused by F.B.I. agents who have basically done the same thing to me for almost a decade. They have spent more man-years on my abuse then they stated that they spent on the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing. I have been under thought read surveillance 7 days a week for over eight and one half years. The American people have to know on what issues they should hold their elected representatives accountable. With secret thought reading technology, we are vulnerable to any whim of our current or future leadership. The people we entrust with power appear to be basically holding themselves hostage in a stand off. The F.B.I. agents are relying on pointing a finger at their leadership, who can point a finger at the Executive Branch, if prosecuted for their continuing crimes. Any order to these agents to stop their crimes holds with it an acknowledgement that crimes where taking place. Any elected or hired federal officer or politician is impeachable if they do not disclose illegal activity, especially activities paid for under their command. But those that know and who would make this public are afraid of being punished by secrecy laws.
Just as the equipment used to broadcast to me has become available to the public (Newsweek, Aug. 5th, 2002 “Hearing is Believing”), I think that the government wants to introduce thought reading technology and propose to use thought reading technology in what they will describe as a limitable, specific, warrantable search tool, probably starting with looking for child molesters, a hideous class they hope to use to sell the American people on allowing them to use Thought Reading Technology. Slowly, they will expand the necessary evil crimes and terrorist activities that should warrant thought reading tech. use and the circumgating of our civil liberties.  Seven years ago they practiced a technique on me where they had people who looked like people I knew placed near me, or had people say things by me that triggered memories of my past. They will propose that under such directed stimuli, it can be reasonably assumed that the search of a person’s thoughts at that time will yield specific information and is warrantable. Miranda rights are required because the Supreme Court reasoned that during arrest, the display of authority by police versus the vulnerability of the suspect creates an environment likely to compel a suspect to violate their own civil rights prior to counsel. To create a state of mind in a person during an investigation is a display of force unjustified under the presumption of innocence that involuntarily compels subservience to law enforcement authority without reasonable cause or due process. And thoughts, unlike hard evidence discovered in a normal search, are incapable of being scrutinized past their event, for example by defence counsel, judge or jury. Paths of thought reflect inscrutable subconscious stimuli and thoughts are not the same as intent or action. They are an involuntary reflex which we have no control over, unlike our actions. “The sanctity of the privacy of one’s own thoughts to use as counsel to oneself” – that’s my saying. Or to quote a Supreme Court Justice “The right to be left alone”.
Sincerely,Kathleen T. HeckmanMAIL: 2212 26th Street, #5 Sacramento , CA 95818,USATEL: 916-712-3560WEB:
NAME: RAFAEL HERNANDEZ JRCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2005Email:
City: Cleveland, State: Ohio, Age:24, Sex: Male, Occupation: None
Years targeted: 3
Reason: I was trying to join the Freemasons and do what secret societies call the “journey of Self-mastery”. I went to a local psychic mediums shop and they totally set me up. The leader or Pastor was a Psychic medium who carried out techings of astrology, psychic abilities and perhaps a syncretism of masonic teachings.
Well I learned that the Freemasons is not a boy-scout club like it seems on the surface. There are dangerous people  in it also.
The pastor name was Pastor Phillip Jones Sr. a Prince Hall Mason then a 32nd degree Mason and his acomplice Luis who were both  Scottish Rite masons and they were telling me that there is no such thing as the  new world order conspiracy.
But the Pastor Phillip Jones Sr. told me that they use to kill people for divulging the secrets of Masonry but I thought i had nothing to worry about because I learned most of the teachings from their own books.
Anyways the Pastor insisted that I was a victim of occult ritual  abuse and told me that what psychotronic weapons were not the symptoms of mental illness but instead were the symptoms of being tageted with Neurological weapons and Human Computer Interfacing technology.
Luis told me a piece of the script that masons later began utsing in their tortures to program me to be an Anti-Christian assasination  model with ASSASINATION personalities.
Case in point I was kicked out the shop and the relationship with that Mason ( Pastor Phillip Jones Sr.) was sabotaged by perps remotely I have learned that any psychic in the United States can solve this case for any victim because the programmers/perps actually psychic abilities in my harassment case.
Im not here to convince anyone of the paranormal but I do know that these entities can examine a persons past without their freewill.
I am a victim of the old Voice to Skull terminology, Microwave attacks to skull and brain, Directed Energy Weapons are used to intimidate me and coerce me into long-term disability.
They have sabotaged my past, my education and also have let me to beleive that they are responsible for my Mother passing away of Cancer.
They have made me suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder and have ruined my ability to defend myself against the involuntary committment that is legal here in the State of Ohio.
I can kind of prove Pastor Phillip Jones Sr. is part of the cat and mouse game that is being played.
RAFAEL HERNANDEZ JRA little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion -Francis Bacon A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green -Francis Bacon A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds -Francis Bacon
NAME: DORIS HICKSCitizenship: Year Torture/Abuse Began: Email:
16/8/08Thank you! I will continue to pray. Thank you for your hard efforts.
NAME: SUSAN HONAKER & FAMILYCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1990Email:,,
NSA/CIA severe radiation crimes on myself and my son while using John who was in Navy Intelligence, Area 51, Vietnam, and worked with KGB gangsters in black ops, claimed each day of his ‘men in black bully ability’ and how his name is all over the CIA books, while NSA/CIA increase torture on myself and my son, under surveillance how great he is, while they have the state keep committing crimes destroying our lives and then John keeps going in split personalities which the KGB programmed him in.
John is KGB programmed in split personalities, one for work, and ten for home, robbing anyone of trust, lying, only showing unconcern, despondency, to control, lying, and then claiming he doesn’t remember anything, while committing crimes along with the NSA/CIA while they increase radiaton and will not stop torturing.
By 2006, my son loses interest in any outside sports, because NSA/CIA has committed daily radiation crimes, he crying each day that his dad shows no emotions, will not do anything but then take him to barn sales. The Bush administration will not stop radiating me in the groin, up the legs, trying to keep terrorizing and committing crimes in any way to cause hysteria, as they have increased radiation to power-jet level from 2000 to present, when again, they fabricated lies downtown and still have my spouse torturing us. Because they have so many people involved in Bush cover ups of crime, only to fire them and arrest them later, they keep blocking any rights, including threats to blow me up and daily threats from 2000 to present. Like under Stalin and Yeltsin, and right now, they have blacklisted millions of Jewish people, not to mention anyone else. They intend to keep blacklisting me, including by blocking phone lines, through manipulating our move through torture, moving us to where my spouse begged would be temporary because of the circles they had him arguing in during home buying, and taking those homes I was interested in through ?cyber warfare? and making sure we did not see them, including canceling homes we had contracts on by intercepting and re-buying the property. This manipulation is going on nationwide as millions are losing their homes. As soon as we moved, NSA/CIA continued torturing my son and I where there are no kids to play with him. My spouse goes each week, from ?Just sell it then? to ?You?re not selling it? to ?I?ll leave? and keeps going in the other argumentative circles and crimes each week, while NSA picked up radiation crimes on us.
The NSA/CIA by severe terrorzing and harassing my son and I get my son crying, yelling, while his dad, still tells him “I don’t care” regardless of what he is approached with. John continues lying, going in circles. The NSA fabricates and ?FBI? phone call to have John fired. John discusses it. He then goes on to keep lying and committing trust issues with our son, causing him to cry each day. He never shows any real interest in what John does but mopes around outside, and each weekended after ignoring us and the plans we discussed, takes John to a sale. At each moment, NSA/CIA is radiating me on the highest possible radiation until they fabricate the lies down town. They then keep using radiation and neural monitoring, sending signals to increase the signals of feelings and anger on myself and my son from Johns abuse.
John was in Area 51 programming. The highest KGB/CIA programming. He has split personalities created by NSA/CIA to keep terrorizing myself and my son with radiation. He only discusses this in 2007, when NSA/CIA has terrorized my son and I increasingly with extreme weapons sine his birth, and with the most outward terrozing with agents, trauma, radiation weapons from 2000 to presentJohn goes in circles and torturous behavior, along with throwing up blood, dizzy spells which goes along with the radiation. They began using doctors of death in the U.S. and Israel at this time (1989). With each discussion, John agrees to what is right, but then goes on to torture. And with each lie, each torture, robbing us of trust, causing such lies that each day we?re swamped with his lies and financial crimes, and every other crime of taking out loans, taking over payments, claiming he made them, claiming he did other things he did not do. Each time John commits a crime, he discusses it, while NSA/CIA ?surveills? to commit more crimes on myself and my son to increase the torture we receive. Each time my husband does something I asked him not to do, CIA/NSA (like when they used Dee Arpino) fabricate the lies on myself. They are trying to have my son terrorized into violence having my husband torture him each day, lying, making sure we never go on any trips, while NSA/CIA harassed my son in public. John never takes his son anywhere. After they illegally reported me to the state for telling of the crimes again, they have Ms. Meyers ask, ?Well, what do you do??  Knowing very well of NSA/CIA crimes because I just got done telling her. I asked him not to watch violent shows in 2000, and NSA/C IA set Dee Arpino up to fabricate lies on myself and to set up ‘mental’ lies as they did to those around us after terrorizing them to isolate myself and our son here. With each discussion with John, NSA/CIA terrorized me and my son in public, and increased radiation crimes daily and are still doing it. I asked him to stop taking out loans day in and day out for 17 years. I would not be putting up with this if it were not for severe radiation crimes by NSA/CIA. Before there crimes on me in Dover by the state, John stated, “They just want to hire you, they’re not harassing for any other reason”.  ‘ignore them’ while he commits crimes on us and lies for so long, I have over 16 years of financial planning not accounted for as it would be by myself, destroyed my career by the CIA/NSA and Johns lies each week, trying to attend school one day and having to run out for a job each time he goes months taking out loans as he just did again. This is a crime. These are severe crimes. I have already made complaints to many people and before the state retaliated with Johns doctor in Dover, again.  John tells his son each day, ?I don?t care.?  He piddles around, then goes back to his other personalities, from despondency, to then controlling, lying when we don?t know he?s lying (he went to see someone in 2003 about lying)?again, the CIA/NSA intercepting, increasing radiation on myself and my son, and John states, ?The guy told me ?you?d make a great spy??
Not one day in 17 years, has John every shown anything but disconcern, despondency, to anger, and mocking, lying, each day committing crimes, while the NSA/CIA increase crimes on myself and then my son.
Each month, while I had no bills or debts, NSA/CIA seeks to torture with increasing radiation crimes on myself and increase Johns programmed torture of denying life and living. Each month as I plan to pay off his debts, John takes out loans increasingly, through mind controls by NSA/CIA up to finally NSA/CIA committing all out war on us with highest radiation ever, and costing us over $95,000 (in just 4 years spent on nothing but radiation crimes on us) having John help destroy our equity in the home. John has no idea why he does these things. Each week from 1989 to present, John says, ?I don?t know why I?m doing these things.?  The reason why is in the very set up by Dee Arpino and RICO crimes under Bush in 2000 on, not John, but myself to fabricate the ?opposite? each day of what I am. And whatever John does they continue fabricating those lies on myself and increase radiation to power jet performance, shock to the brain with signals, trauma, electromagnetic injury (as my friend Ruth also came down with by 1999), and increase different types of weapons from ?testing? labs, and then hook me up to satellite through daily lies based on Johns torture. Each time John is confronted about his crimes, they increase lies and torture, harassment on myself and my son in public places from 2000 to present to try to isolate.
In 2001, they continued knocking me out into unconscious states, while John goes in circles, still not being cooperative when I wouldn?t be with him if it were not for CIA/NSA torture. Before the Dee Arpino, Bob Lilley, Terry Newman, Katz, Biden, Bush crimes with NSA, they watch each day as John argues in circles; one day agreeing to something, and only finding out later he has done other things.
Sue takes John every place from the day he is born. NSA/CIA increase radiation daily and send people out to every public place. They will not stop sending signals weapons to the groin and increase radiation and then pulse weapons by the time we get to Dover.
They begin radiating on our son in the morning, and never stop committing crimes on us. When, I, like other victims, get emotional, they send three times the amount in signals from those emotions from their torture so that they can increase the torture from daily lies from John, back and forth on my son and I each week, saying one thing and then saying the next, taking out loans for 17 years and lying about it, while NSA increases crimes on us.
NSA’s goals were to destroy us financially, but after they set up more torture on me, because they decide that I am an ?intellectual? and anything else to keep committing crimes, that they are going to keep increasing crimes on myself and my son while having John increase crimes on us.
John, just recently discussed his crimes again, claiming he would speak to someone about how h just lied to us again, for months taking out ‘drawn’ loans, while they committed crimes on me dow town for reporting the crimes of the Bush administration and NSA/CIA radiation increasing on us. He then said he se up a meeting with a governor and would get help for himself and us. He then turns around, after forcing me into not knowing that he lies aobt paying bills for 6 months and did not, forcing me into having to sign a refinance loan (now over 95,000 NSA/CIA and John has cost us). But, then turns around and says, “There’s not a damn thing you’re going to do about it.”
Susan HonakerTEL: 678-9944WEBSITE:
NAME: ANGELA HOODCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2006Email:
28/12/08I am also a victim for 42 months of this stalking and electronic harrassment with authorities involved at all levels. Please advise.
Angela Hood, Adel, Ga.
NAME: MOSTAFA HOSNYCitizenship: CanadaYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1999Email:,
I would like to draw your attention to some extreme and horrendous criminality being conducted with the involvement of United States Government-related Agencies and the complicity, if not participation, of many other governments and security agencies.
I am a victim of torture and abuse using DIRECTED ENERGY and NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS technology.
Symptoms: * Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious* Visual disturbances* Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves* Manipulation of emotions* Reading thoughts remotely* Causing pain to any nerve of the body.* Remote manipulation of human behavior from space* Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly* Control of sleep patterns.* Computer-brain interface, control and communication* Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding this, and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained completely unreported and undiscussed publicly. There are many others, all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and abuse.
Your attention is urgently needed to halt these atrocities, protect me, and bring these extremist elements to justice.
12/4/08Dear Friends,I just returned from a 2 day visit to Ottawa where I visited 3 foreign embassies, with the purpose of  defending the Canadian people, and promote the Rule of Law.
25/5/08 (sent to various AUTHORITIES & ICEMS)I Am Appealıng To You From Ankara To Investıgate.I fled Electromagnetıc Torture ın Canada on May 14 2008.Can You Imagıne A Canadıan Cıtızen Fleeıng Hıs Country Because of Torture?Please check out my web sıte –
From Cairo, I am appealing to Prime Minsiter Stephen Harper to investigate, with UN help, the use of Electromagnetic weapons in Canada as I was forced to leave Canada for that reason.I am flying to Amman on Sep 7th to possibly accept an Assistant Professor of Accounting position at a Jordanian University. I stress I was not attacked with those weapons in Turkey, but an currently under attack in Cairo. I informed the Canadian embassy in Cairo about this issue, and am leaving Egypt on the 7th.My cell number in Cairo until the 7th is ( 2018) 3818 818
21/10/08Three Points I want to suggest:1- 99.99 % of Law Enforcement are NOT involved.2- They are the ones who can help us!3- 99.99% of Politicians are not involved  The situation is very serious, and because the technology is of military nature, there is not much the FBI or RCMP can do in North America to defend us.We will try to do our best to help Law Enforcement raise the issue to the Top Leadership
This is an emergency.Mostafa HosnyRULE OF LAW DEFENDERS MAIL: 106-15 Trillium Village, Chatham ON N7L 4A2, CanadaWEB: http://www.hosnyinfo.comTEL: 519 7846822
NAME: ROSARIO HOUSEHOLDER (MARA)Citizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1988/1996Email:
Dear Sir/Madam:
I have been a victim of directed energy weapons, remote harassment, and organized stalking since 1988. I was targeted by a nurse in Los Angeles California. I’m originally from Peru (South-America)
Living in USA since 1985, I became an American.  Started with the stalking of this Sociopath, and scale it to Organized stalking, to Direct energy weapons, to remote harassment, to 24/7 monitoring even in my sleep. The phenomenon is real. It includes psychological harassment to induce psychosis, isolation, depression, and suicide; physical and emotional manipulation; and devastation of financial and social resources. My family is been targeted too, the attacks are ongoing.
The massive ignorance and secrecy is overwhelming, it seems like people enjoy themselves doing these acts of coward ness, the psychological warfare manipulating the masses to participate in this “lynching”  is done with the deception that a “batch” of an “authority figure” giving the wrong message to the unaware average citizen,  the Program of torture and perversion is very easy accepted by the bystander from the streets, become an instant “slave”, which is already explain in the websites (already in the hundreds,,) that victims are publishing in Internet.    Below is a list of symptoms since my harassment started:  Microwave hearing Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves Manipulation of emotions Reading thoughts remotely Causing pain to any nerve of the body. Remote manipulation of human behaviour from space Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters, airplanes(military airplanes) flying overhead Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly Control of sleep patterns. Suddenly awaken, and kept awake in a hypnosis state.  Computer-brain interface, control and communication Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities My body is “charged” in a way that I could hurt somebody by just “touching them”, delivering a “wave” of pain. Manipulation of electronic devices (television, DVD, microwaves etc) Manipulation of “decease” symptoms like false heart attacks, stroke, bladder infection.
Once I experienced the sensation of  been kick in the face, while walking, because I expressed in a demeanour way about one of their ‘slaves” rats.
Why the Government of USA is failing to protect us?? The only answer I could find is that they are 100% involved into these atrocities.
Constitutional Rights… I wander what, that mean?
These atrocities have to stop, if a peaceful protest against these abuses are not listen…. Then a violent revolution is inevitable.
Open an investigation about this abuses, interview victims, listen what they have to say, what better prove than that, not just to show evidence (which majority of  victims cannot provide about the “invisible weapons) but the overwhelming amount of people that are experiencing this same exact symptoms.
One way to bring this abuses that United State Government is sponsoring, would be through the International Community.
Please put an end to these atrocities that are committed on a daily basis to thousands of Americans and already worldwide.
Respectfully, Rosario HouseholderFlorida USA WEBSITE:
NAME: BRIDGET S. HOWECitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: Email:
3/1/09Organized Vigilante Stalking; My personal Testimony – Bridget S. Howe, October 2008
I had worked for the Knox County Board of MRDD for 16 years and had been living in Columbus OH for the past 11 years when in a time a deep discouragement, with some “encouragement” from my boss, determined to move back to Mt. Vernon to be closer to my job.  I had attended two churches in the Columbus Area, both of which had left me feeling deeply disappointed.  However, I did not realize until later that most likely stalkers had been infiltrating my churches deliberately disrupting relationships there.  I did not learn this until I began to study Organized Vigilante Stalking, and I recognized some of their subliminal attacks.  Just before I moved from my Townhouse on Red Robin Road I began to notice things which confused me.  For example I came home one day after being gone all day at work and noticed that my bathroom smelled like someone had just taken a shower.  I live alone, so there was no reason for my shower to smell that way.  I also found a stray phone cord plugged into the basement phone socket which led me to believe someone had tried to hook up to the internet at my house while I was gone.  One day I came home from work in time to see a man of average height and thick black hair dash down my stairs and out my front door.  I checked my house and nothing was missing.  The man was also dressed in a clean casual corduroy jacket, like he was a businessman, not like a thief.  I did not call the police.  I was not disturbed that much by the incident.  There had been no signs of forced entry into my home either……………………………………………………………………………………………………
I did not know that this was another typical tactic in Organized Vigilante Stalking.  I know now.  I did not know about DEWs that project sound into your head that no one else can hear.18  I also did not know that stalkers have they victims under 24 hour surveillance.19  I know now.
Later my mother also told me that she had gotten a phone call while I was at work and the person pretended to know me.  Said he was a salesman. When my mother told him I was not home, he proceeded to tell her that she had better leave the house because the “powers that be” had decided that it would not be good for her to stay there with me.  So Marti gave my mother a ride to the airport and my mother left without telling me she was leaving.  That is also a part of the game.  It was designed to induce shock.
That same day the not so private conference was held and I was placed on administrative leave.  I was told to keep my cell phone but I had to give up my laptop.  I was ordered to take a psychological evaluation and I had to have it with the doctor that Marti chose.  I could not choose one myself.   I did not know then that psychologists and psychiatrist also play a part in OVS.20  I did not know that doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists have all become complicit with the game.  I know now.  I was diagnosed bipolar and declared unfit for duty.  I was ordered to use all my vacation time and leave time so that I could stay home and “recuperate”.  I had the company cell phone and I was supposed to keep close tabs with the county board.  I did not know that this frequently happens to victims of OVS but not so that they can “get well”.  It is a typical tactic to induce isolation so that the team of stalkers actually have their victims in a “cage” where they can play all their games and tricks and deliberately attempt to drive the person crazy and ultimately to suicide.  I read another incident where this tactic was also used on postal employee who never had a chance to recuperate from her “illness” because she was being driven crazy.  She committed suicide.21  Marti also announced to me at that not so private meeting that she had given my mother a ride to the airport that my mother would not be there when I went home.  That meeting was specifically designed to induce shock and a sense of powerless and hopelessness.  I did not know that was also a gang stalking tactic.
I realized that day that Marti Estep was no friend of mine.  I also decided that I did not want to stay alone in my house so I went to stay with long time friends of mine.  I looked at that cell phone that the county board told me to keep and decided that it was likely a tactic they were using to keep track of my whereabouts using the GPS.  So I turned it off.  It turned itself back on.  I turned it off again.  The second time it stayed off.  I also recognized that the county board was using some heavy handed manipulation of which I wanted no part.  I knew I was not out of my mind.  I had spent 18 years working for the county board and I also knew what bipolar looked like and I was not.  I made a decision to resign my job.  Of course I did not know that this is typically what stalkers want a targeted person to do.  They want the target to resign.  It saves the people who hired them from paying unemployment and other compensation for firing someone.  It is also helpful if they really can’t find a good reason to fire someone.  Of course Marti called my mother who called me and told me that I should not resign my job they really wanted me there.  Of course, I did not know but I know now that typically the goal of the stalker is to make it look like the target does not want to work and they freely choose to stop working.22
I talked to the OEA attorney who advised me that there was not much I could do to appeal what the county board was doing and later she wanted to know if I wanted to apply for disability since I had been declared unfit for duty.  I flatly refused.
It was then that I began my research and learned that what had happened to me is happening to 1 in 100 Americans.  I also learned that 1 in 24 Americans are persuaded to participate in stalking innocent Americans because they have been told likes about the targeted person, because they have been bribed, intimidated or outright blackmailed into participating.23 I also found out that once a person leaves the job, which is their primary objective to start, the stalking continues because they want the person to die.  They prefer that the person commit suicide but over time the use of CIA developed chemicals and radiation from directed energy weapons may also kill them.24  Either way, there is no evidence that what has actually happened is that the person has been murdered.  What gang stalkers are doing is forcing the victim into isolation, joblessness and ultimately suicide.  The goal of the gang stalker is to drive the person to commit acts of violence against themselves, such as suicide and/or against others.  “… the objective … is to separate a person from friends/family, keep them unemployed, induce homelessness, & reduce the quality of life so much that they suffer a nervous breakdown, cause them to commit suicide, or end up medicated, incarcerated/institutionalized.  A major effort will be spent to separate a person from their friends and families.  Attempts will be made to destroy all areas of a person’s life with the intent to drive them to suicide.” 25 This is done in such a way as that those who engaged the stalkers and identified the victim are protected from being exposed.   The actions of stalkers are covert and they have at their disposal the entire arsenal used by the CIA and US Intelligence community because it is government sponsored.26 Their tactics includes those which are a combination of those used by the KKK and those used by the FBI in COINTELPRO combined with the use of chemical agents and directed energy weapons.27
When I finally decided to resign my job because I would not tolerate such heavy handed manipulation by the county board administration, I also began started to do research.  It was then that I learned what I did not know.  I learned that people who are targeted by gang stalkers are typically labeled mentally ill to discredit them so no one will listen to what they are saying.28  I also learned that those in our government who support this kind of terror have worked with the writers of the DSM to ensure that complaints made by targeted victims are listed under the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.29
I learned that law enforcement is no help at all and they can actually be part of the problem and may also be supporting this state sponsored terror.  One day when I was explaining to Detective Breniman of the Knox co. Sheriff’s Department what was going on in my house and insisting that he do his job, he looked at me and said, “Now if you try to tell me that someone has put out a contract on your life, I’m going to have a real problem with that.” I had never said any such thing.  Nothing of that nature had even occurred to me at that point.  After I began my research, I learned that typically law enforcement does not investigate in cases involving gang stalking, either because they are part of the problem or because they are told they cannot help from someone higher up in the chain.30
I learned that targets once they have become isolated from family and friends or anyone who might help heaving assault with microwave weapons begins.31  I am currently under daily microwave assault. I learned that targets homes are repeatedly invaded and generally stalkers are thieves, but they never take anything that one could actually report to the police.32  So I didn’t bother to report to the police that my stalkers were stealing rolls of toilet paper, my contacts, a lid from my brand new pan set that my mother got me for Christmas, one place from my new set of plates, bananas and snacks from my refrigerator.
I learned that stalkers are expert computer hackers and that they can pick any lock. 33  One day while I was working on my lap top, sitting on my couch, not on the internet, not even hooked up to anything and not using a wireless connection either, I went to shut my computer down and the start button turned from its normal blue color to red and the little note on my screen said, “Someone else is logged in on your computer.  If you shut down, they will not be able to continue working.  Do you still want to shut down?” I absolutely smashed that little red button! By that time, I knew I was dealing with a stalker.
I also learned from my research that most targeted individuals are either unemployed or underemployed because they have been illegally blacklisted and are being deliberately pushed out of the workforce.34 I also learned that single women are typical targets but anyone considered “marginal” by the established elite may become a target.  Corporate whistleblowers are typical targets, as well as homosexuals, the elderly, handicapped children and or family members of targeted persons. Prolife persons or anyone who just “upset someone” can become a target.35
I learned that the Patriot act made it legal for someone to invade your home, pilfer your mail, monitor your email and phone conversations, and demand to see your medical records without a warrant.  In fact there does not have to be any proof of any kind that you have actually done anything wrong.36  Someone just has to say that they suspect you of something, and presto your name is on a list of “threats to national security” even if you have done nothing wrong.  Gang stalking is a covert action against innocent Americans who have little or no recourse to stop the abuse because there is usually little or no proof and when there is evidence it is generally ignored.  The Sheriff just chose to ignore the multiple pictures of footprints that I had taken.  That is also typical.
I have been reading and researching now for almost two years, and what I have learned would scare most Americans to death.  I am absolutely sure that we were never taught in school that the funding for Hitler’s Eugenics Research was from wealthy American businessmen like John D. Rockefeller, and that the inspiration from Mein Kampf came from an American Supreme Court Justice, Sir Oswald Chambers.  I am sure that no one told us that Standard Oil, a Rockefeller business provided the fuel for the German Luftwaffe in World War II.  I am also sure that no one told us that the Rockefeller’s and his associates in Washington were controlling our “democratic” government from behind the scenes and I am absolutely sure that no one ever told us that he Rockefeller backed CIA sheltered those Nazi scientists after the war and put them to work developing the Directed Energy Weapons that the US government is now using against its own citizens. I am positive that no one told us that our government which forbids us to discriminate against anyone because of gender, nationality or religious affiliation has been behind forced sterilization of people they consider unfit and have been responsible for sterilizing men and women from third world nations around us in an effort to control our “overpopulation” problem.37
I am absolutely sure that there is a good reason that our government never told us that the established elite in Washington DC is attempting to create a Master Race and that they plan on eliminating people that they consider to be “useless eaters” and that Organized Vigilante Stalking is just another one of their programs for doing just that.   Because if Americans really understood what they were up to, they would get good and mad and probably pull all their money and their investments out of Chase Bank, Huntington, and National City.  They would sell all their assets with JP Morgan, and they would be real careful where they purchased their gas. They would stop letting Washington dictate who we vote for, because there has not been president in office for more than 50 or even 60 years that has not been the puppet of the established elite associates of the Rockefeller clan.  They would demand that the Federal Reserve Board be abolished because it is stealing money from Americans to support socialist causes around the world.  They would demand that the Trilateral Commission be disbanded as well as the Council of Foreign Relations.  They would demand that the National Security Act be abolished because our Intelligence Community, the CIA, FBI, NSA and local Law enforcement are hiding their criminal activity behind this piece of legislation.  They would also demand to repeal the edict by President Bush that protected US Intelligence personnel from be prosecuted for war crimes, and they would demand that we stop torturing innocent civilians, writers and those who exercise their civil liberties who have been made prisoners of war.38  They would rout out all the Neo-Nazi’s in our government who are deliberately attempting to dismantle the Constitution.  And they would make those who have committed crimes against American citizens actually face charges and deal with the consequences of their actions.
So therefore, the government has gone to great pains to cover it all up.  And I am committed to making as many American’s as I can aware of what they have been hiding.  We have called ourselves the friend of Israel.  Why is that?  The Elite Establishment in Washington helped the Nazi’s who murdered six million Jews escape the consequences of their actions and gave them political asylum in our country.  Then we gave them jobs and allowed them to go on influencing government policy.  They developed the mind control technology that the government is now using against US citizens.39  They have literally turned this nation into another Nazi Germany.  We cannot call ourselves “friend of Israel” and allow this to go on.  They will destroy us, and they are doing a wonderful job of destroying this country.
In the meantime I am working on a research project, a book and a testimony and all the while I am being bathed in radiant electromagnetic energy, especially at night.  I am under 24 hour surveillance and I know they are watching because if I happen to get a migraine headache they like to turn the microwave up especially high.  They seem to want to make that headache last a long time.  They would really like to scare the hell out of me if they could.  They have tried all kinds of tricks, but since I did my homework I am well aware of their antics.  I am still a Christian, a child of God, and I know my destiny which is something no white supremacist, no Neo-Nazi, no Satanic stalker will ever be able to take from me.  I know how to identify and fight off suicidal thoughts or any thought that remotely suggests to me that I am being electronically influenced.  In fact, most days I am overwhelmed with God’s peace and his precious joy.  I fear only one thing that my country and the church in America will not wake up to the danger until it is too late.  Americans feel entirely too safe and secure in this country.  If they knew what I and countless thousands of gang stalking victims know now, they just might be jolted out of their reserve enough to push back the bullies that are destroying this country and are trying to rule the world from American soil.40
NAME: JULIE HOWELLCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: Email:
thank you for sending me this email, why is my name not on the list?
Julia Howell Fresno, California, Usa.
NAME: HUGGLESCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: Email:
29/10/08 Dear friends,I found the information below on Gangstalking World. I agree with most ofit but will test the part of exposure to op chemicals to check the veracity of the writers comments. Regards.Link;
“Gangstalking” is a “catchphrase” name describing what has become a part of traditional and new organized crime that is networking through the United States and some other countries. Organized crime groups and “criminal elements” from all walks of life use or hire for pay, criminal organized stalking crews to assault “targets” to cover up financial or other crimes. These criminals “contract” with the covert organized assault crews to silence any potential witness or “trouble maker”, whether real or imagined, that could possibly effect their lives.
Crimes were committed against me, and now the people that committed those crimes have “contracted” this “assault squad” to discredit and silence me using their criminal “gas-lighting” methods. I told them before they started this that I had no intention of ever reporting these crimes or pressing any charges against anyone. I have repeated this each year since and am ignored. These “organized criminal crews” have been assaulting me, my family, friends, neighbors and many people in the community I live in for many years. I am not a criminal and have never harmed anyone.
There is always a reason someone is targeted and most will know why and who started it, but apparently some victims never know what happened to them, why it is happening or who “triggered” the overwhelming assault. This is probably because the “trigger event” was irrelevant and meant nothing to the victim, but was perceived as possibly damaging by the criminal(s) involved. The victim could have “upset” somebody and now that person simply wants revenge. I would see that as a waste of time, thought and money, but I guess some people could be “just that way”. I’ve seen estimates of the number of victims of this type of crime, but nothing I consider credible. One victim is too many. I wouldn’t even try to guess how many career criminals participate in this. It can’t be many as compared to general populations…………………. These organized criminal groups have an appointed leader(s) that control(s) everything they do. They operate much like a computer bot-net receiving orders, tracking the target and dispatching a stream of perps. Take appropriate measures to protect yourself from their assaults and stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t respond to “baiting” tactics.
What I’ve described is just part of what these criminals do, and if you are not a victim you are probably saying to yourself, “I just can’t believe a large group of criminals are getting away with crimes like that”. The reason they are getting away with it is because this large group of criminals literally “hijack” the community using the methods described above. It took stalking of well known celebrities and a death before anyone started taking effective action against stalking. Many people know this is very real and I know it is being investigated. There are many laws that can easily be applied to these crimes but no specific laws. A task force is usually appointed to tackle tough crimes, that may be what is needed to address this.
NAME: JOHN HUGHESCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2002Email: ,
This letter is in support of any initiative to investigate the alleged Nonconsensual Human Experimentation and Harassment (described below), which includes use of all Directed Energy Weapons, Energetic Manipulations and Behavioural Modification technologies by remote or local means applied to either individuals or groups of personnel. To date, no party has formally identified themselves as responsible, and much of the harassment is remotely applied, using action-at-distance methods .I am a Targeted Individual in the parlance of this impositional blight that afflicts me and is very similar to allegations of others who identify themselves in this way. This means that I am harassed in the form of :-
· gangstalking, both ambulatory and vehicular everywhere I go in public (arranged by colour of clothing or vehicle),· noise campaigns, selectively applied and usually coincidental with my activities, or other noises,· application of extra-gravitational energies to foil my movements, drop items on the floor, surrepticiously move objects (including my motor vehicle),· remotely applied sabotage of electronic devices, both field strength meters and consumer electronics (e.g. CD players, headphones),· a disproportionate number of itches and skin lesions that are uncharacteristically persistent,· dynamic application of dithering my judgement, recall, planning, speech, syntax, motivation and coordination governing mental faculties on a pre-planned basis, (often coincident with noise events),· selectively applied vision impairments, either persistent for durations or applied to specific events such as seeing someone for the first time in the day,· constant invasion, monitoring and sabotage of my computer and online activities, including covert changes and deletions of computer files,· rendered as incapable of having employment for no organic medical condition,· containment in a densified electromagnetic field at all times, (>200 Gauss in 2002-12), and· assault with single or stroboscopic flashes with plasma and maser beams/matrices wherever I temporarily locate myself, both privately and publically.
The goal of this harassment appears to be at least mind-control research, made apparent by selectively applied and progressively greater impairment of mental faculties since this overt harassment began 2002-04-15. The noise, colour coordinated vehicle gangstalking and energetic intrusions have been witnessed by other personnel. My psychiatrist concluded that I was “persecuted”.
Past harassment has also included the application of substantial head pains (avoidable by movement), disorienting lights and stroboscopic flashes, intense skin itchiness, theft of belongings (minor), laser and maser assaults to my eyes, selective vision impairment, apartment intrusions the day after the locks were changed, disruption of sleep and all regular diurnal activities.
For a current diary of harassment and related outcomes, see my blog at; has been absolutely no relationship to the attempted clinical remediation with the application of these intrusive phenomenon.
I am submitting this letter in support of others that describe like circumstances for investigation to identication and arraignment of the responsible criminal party that is applying this harassment and violating my, and others, civil rights under Canadian and International conventions.
29/10/08  I have over the last year experienced harassment from the groups outlined in the mind control forums.  I have had voices taunting, insulting and threatening me.  At the early stages of this process I also had people following me with a view to intimidation.  I understand although as far fetched as it may seem, my mind has been read also to prey on my insecurities and thoughts.  I am ‘wise’ to this now but the threats and insults continue.  I am convinced there is at least one implant in my head as I recently used strong magnets to try to locate these devices and encountered resistance around the cartilage within the ear and also the sinus area.  I really want to take action but unfortunately have been marginalised being diagnosed having a psychotic episode after my initial reaction to this horrendous treatment.        I am determined to remove these implants and am considering ways in which to locate/disable these devices.  Do you have any advice?Yours sincerely,John Hughes.
SincerelyA. John Hughes
NAME: MARLENA HUGHESCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1993Email:
I spent yesterday evening at a wedding rehearsal talking with a team of satellite financiers. They explained to me that satellites can cover every inch of our planet. I believe that I experienced this first hand during the summer of 2008 as I ventured into the most remote areas of US waterways — I have been tracked and tortured for 15 years. If the perp’s motivation includes tracking targets and learning more about remote tracking systems, I wonder how the cruel torture that accompanies this tracking can be justified.
I feel for elephants and tigers who are shot with tranquilizer guns and tagged — I, too, have met this fate. However, as a human being, I have, also, consciously dealt with the inhuman abuses that accompany this abuse from the immoral trackers of human targets.
August 20, 2008  Harassment with Electronic Systems
I am sending you a brief history of my stalking and harassment experience.
I have been ‘stalked and harassed’ with what seems to be an ‘electronically programmed system’ very similar to what you and others have clearly described in detail on your website and others. I have experienced extreme distress and pain from what seems to be a ‘form of tracking and harassment’ for over 13 years. The overwhelming and devastating harassment began with a neighborhood dispute. During the time following the initiation of the harassment and stalking, my health and well being deteriorated considerably, due to electronic probes directed towards various parts of my body, including my heart and brain.
I have completed numerous examinations with medical professionals in my efforts to find a diagnoses and treatment plan. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), although the therapist whogave me this diagnosis did not attribute my disorder to electronic torture and did not believe that such a system exists.
My doctors, friends, and family express disbelief in relation to the possibly that such a system could exist. This disbelief, by important people in my life, contributes to my sense of isolation and hopelessness and makes this description very difficult for me to submit (knowing that I will certainly be met with disbelief).
I sincerely hope that electronic tracking and harassment will be exposed and stopped.
Thank you for you efforts to expose a form of harassment that certainly threatens our national security.
Oh, My Lord God Almighty, Where Are You Now!M. Hughes
NAME: MARK IANNICELLICitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1985Email:
I am in Anchorage Alaska and I have endured torture from who I believe to be the Offices of Science and Technology of the U.S. Treasury (secret service?). 22 years of torture.
Contact me through Louiose Polty P.O. Box 5083 , Pilot Station, ALASKA 99650
The perps will always try to disinform so ignore any negative info opr change of address.
If we could find an “Israel” like Cuba to offer us medical assistance and a safe haven it would be good. We are all experienced with perp action and if the Cuban government would pass a death penalty to convict the torturers then we could identify, apprehend interrogate and execute the torturers as a lesson for the world to learn!!!
Expect the perps to persuade you not to consider this.
Yours SincerelyMark Iannicelli  – aka Muhammad Iannicelli aka MuhammadLiaka Mark Muhammad Li  – D,O,B. 5-5-59 MAIL: c/o Louise Polty, P.O. Box 5083 , Pilot Station, ALASKA 99650, USA
NAME: INTERIQCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2006/since high school Email:
USA. Being harrassed now. Please follow instructions below. They really do work to stop. No other action legal or petitiion needed. Please pass them along to people who will try them.
I seem to be getting electronically tortured or harassed by electronic voices and cannot turn them off. I think an aluminum foil cone or paper cone on the right kind of metal might turn it off but none of the metal in my house works. Try making an aluminum foil cone and touch it to as many types of metal that you can find and put it five feet from your tv and leave your tv on The Weather Channel. Maybe it will come through to me. Try the same process with a paper cone and leave it next to the tv as well. A fish aquarium bubble bar made into a cone on the right kind of metal may work as well. Please stay with me until I get this turned off and write back if you tried the above and or direct me to any person who could help me turn this off.. Or give me any advice that you may have to turn this off.
None of the metal in my house works. That has happened to me in the past and I had to drive around to find metal. I don’t have a car anymore.
MAKING THE CONE: Roll aluminum foil into a cone: Use pencil or something to poke the point to make it straight. Cut the bottom round with scissors. Do not bend the cone after making it; Make sure the top or point is straight and neat; Make it as neat as possible.
16/7/08I once read an article in  that an aluminum foil cone on the right kind of metal would turn this off;  I turned this thing off with that device in high school a dozen times;  It works everytime.  I once woke up as a junior in high school being tortured – I rolled a small piece of aluminum foil into a cone and touched pieces of mateal in my house;  I touched spoons, forks, latters, pots, pan, etc..  Nothing worked and they used to work pretty good.  I got in my car and rode around looking and I touched lamp posts, guard rails, etc., and eventually after a few weeks I found something that worked.  That is happening to me now where nothing in my house works and I am stranded without a car.  Another example:  I once left a good working cone next the TV in an old store building away from my house with the TV turned on to The Weather Channel and turning on The Weather Channel at home turned this off.
1/8/08Anyway,  I need someone to help me turn it off and I am not sure of how to go about that but everyone I chat with seems to be cut off or in on it.  Some of the websites I view seem to be cut off;  I’m not sure of how to explain that but here is an example:  I used to click emails when I was about 23 years old(40 years old now) and the email club sends about two emails a day that pay 1 cent per click and I click about 200 banners every day for points to exchange for showings of a banner I have from another website to show in hopes of  getting referral signups;  I get 1 showing for every website I view or 1 to 1;  A few weeks later I logged in and the 2 emails pay less than 1 cent and the ratio Of the point clicks is reduced to 2 clicks to 1 click showing my banner;  In other word someone cut down the ratio of ‘1view for 1add’ to ‘2views to 1add’;  I was getting ready to go to college back then and I forgot about the email thing back then but I looked up the email site a few years later and the rate per email and ratio for points was back the way it was initially and the rates were back the way they were in the first place.  I woke up sitting in my house a few years ago and started clicking the same website for penny’s and points to advertise for referrals for another website and a half year later the rate for pennies and points in both websites went down again and I  don’t know what to do –   I think someone is cutting off my internet connection and and my penny/point clickers and playing them.
Back when I was 23 I got my aunt to drive me around and I touched a aluminum foil cone to every piece of metal I could get around and I kept it right on me(roll a piece of aluminum foil in to a cone and cut the bottom round with scissors).
If I walked to my aunts house about two weeks ago my aunt would not give me a ride again and none of the metal in my house seems to work anymore.  An aluminum foil cone on the right kind of metal will turn off most radio signals and seems to clear up the internet.  Example point:  I have a lap back when I was 20 years of age and an old packard bell desktop in my Uncle Elmers trailer; the laptop is rigged to a server in another state free service with 1800 number;  The desktop is hooked to a local ISP.  If I logged the desktop to a website it seemed to be not all there or different and I just happened to notice the laptop a half hour later with the same website loaded in my browser and I noticed the website is as it should be and the way I think it should be – There is a little paper cone sitting on a piece of metal beside the laptop that I barely notice.  I grabbed the cone a few days later without thinking about it and the screen on the laptop changed to resemble that on on the desktop (altered) if I sat the cone back on the piece of metal the laptop screen went back to the original screen.  I did all of this without thinking;  My Uncle Elmer died a very long time back in high school and my papa his brother used to let me use his trailer which is beside his house to surf on my computer.  I once walked to his trailer a few months later and both computers where gone and there is nothing there.  I never thought much about it but someone walked in and stold everything I have.  I barely ever use the computer back then but now adays surfing the internet is all I do.
Here is what you need to do:  Make an aluminum foil cone and a paper cone and touch them at seperate times to as many pieces of metal theat you can.  Drive a distance and try the same thing.  Turn your TV to “The Weather Channel” and put the cones near it;  Keep an aluminum foil cone at least five feet from the TV and paper cones are safe right next to the TV.
Stick with me on the email or chat client.  I don’t know who else to ask I think the chat rooms we are in may be cut off as well.  Please take me serious when I say that..
NAME: “IQPRISONER”Citizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 1982Email:
Hello,I have been sending e-mails since 2004…nothing has happened differently except when I sent to X-president Carter and Senator Kennedy I felt that there was a bit of a difference.I also sent to Pelosi and may be as I recall for some time I noticed a difference.I am a victim since 1982 and still going on.I have tried all international organizations like Amnesty or UN human rights or other presidents of the world…nothing is useful…unless people write at the same time to the same people…I have also sent recently to yesterday or some 14 e-mails from the ones that you have provided and as you have mentioned with my name and full address as I was doing in all my e-mails for I have it written and ready to be send at any time. one of the e-mails that I sent to was the white house, and the inland security office… I have received an e-mail from the security office saying that they have changed their address and asking me to read a long writing provided with many e-mails to write to depending on the type of information that you have and none of them is concerned with our type of claims.I suggest that we write separately at the same time let us say on 15Th of Nov. to the addresses that you have provided (thank you so much for that) especially to US congress, senate, and Newspapers (which I have tried two years ago)…
Yours Sincerely”IQPRISONER”
NAME: JACKCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began:  Email:
My name is not Jack (to be honest). I’m from the USA. I’m a former national security consultant and I formerly worked for the Department of Homeland Security. I wanted to say I admired your email. Hopefully, true progress will be made soon. The federal government of the US decided a couple of years ago – most likely more, but for a while it’s tough to believe such things happen – to more or less brainwash me. A lot of my experiences match the TI groups so I feel somewhat of a kinship with you all. I haven’t had too much in the way of directed energy assaults but the rest I can relate too. I can tell you from my experience that the government here is complicit as I first became aware of it while working for the government. My project (torture) is definitely classified – although I don’t know how high. I have a list of former co -workers both in Washington DC and New York City who are complicit. I’m working on finding a lawyer in order to confront them properly. Although they did their best tor remain plausibly deniable – so you know how it goes. If I’m unable to take care of the matter legally (and I survive long enough) then they’re all about to have their names splattered all over the place. Unfortunately, it seems these types of tactics are all that the feds are interested in anyways…
If there is anything I can do to help on my end let me know.
Thanks for your hard work,Jack
NAME: PHILLIP JACKSONCitizenship: USAYear Torture/Abuse Began: 2003Email:
I believe it started in 2003. Because of the intense itching, below my knee caps of both legs. The hard stuff started in early 2006. I’m unable to write right know, but I did want to answer
Your message is way to muddy! You site many things that I’m sure have the deepest of meaning to you. However, the average person has no clue what your talking about or how to go about helping you. You have to make your message clean and concise in just a few well thought out power message.
Every time you sight examples of Stalinist or Orwellian secrecy you come across as an extremist most people will view your message as some kind of political radical of some kind. They simply delete your message.
Even though most of or all of what you say is true! The average citizen will be over whelmed and simply view you as some kind of radical extremist.
Start by explaining how Technology today has progressed to the point that now organizations whether it be organized crime or other dark factions that have “big money” can now cause great pain and suffering leading to death to any person they deem adversary. This torture can be done in your own home while the people behind this evil operate from great distances away. It truly is “the perfect crime” Private contractors can pay “big money” to have access to these military weapons after they have been placed in outer space by our military. The contractors have access because they can perfect the weaponry that they sold to the military.
There are hand held devices that can cause the same torturous death as these high tech satellites, the satellites are most dangerous because of there great distances and there ability to track a person any where on this planet. Most people aren’t aware that these Satellites have been developed. There is no question these weapons were placed in these satellites to be used as a means to protect our country from terrorist groups. But most likely has fallen into the hands of “big money” organizations and perhaps corrupt factions of our own government.
We don’t know for sure, we would like a complete investigation so this evil can be stopped. If you could only know how many people in this country are being tortured 7/24 in there own homes it would scare you to no end! (You should then insert some known prove that this kind of technology does exist at this time in your message) You could mention Jim Guess letter for he is painfully aware of this problem and is working hard to stop this evil. Then develop a strong message on just how important it is to get the public aware of this evil. Because most of the poor souls that have been selected for this torture (for unknown reasons) are rendered completely helpless because you can’t see the special type of designer radio/microwave frequency that causes the kind of torture that is hard to describe. Most of the time the victims are viewed as having mental problems and find them selves in a psyche ward. So the torture goes on with out any care on the people who are using these evil weapons. If these people happen to have the Big money to give them access then they get to do anything they choose with out any care of getting caught.
I believe if you take this kind of approach you will get some people to listen to your message. Right now you sound like some wacko extremist. And just so you know I’m a TI.